The -dere

During my brief and wonderful vacation in Quebec City I had the chance to watch an anime my friend suggested to me- servant x service. It was pretty great. After discussing the anime with the friend and one other friend, who I had passed on the recommendation to watch, I realized that I was using a word they had never hear of. The little nerds never heard of the word Tsundere. A Tsundere in simple terms is an anime character who on the outside is sometimes violent, but it is sweet on the inside. It is the first of the four -dere types of Japanese anime; the other three being: Yandere, Kudere, Dandere. Yandere is the term for someone who is sweet and cute on the outside, but would fuck someone up to keep there partner with them. A Kudere is a character who acts unemotional on the outside, but is secretly sweet on the inside. You know, the emotionless anime character who has a small tear when they pick up a cat left in a box on the side of the road. The last -dere is the Dandere, the character who is shy and/or anti-social and opens up only to very specific people.
If you could meet the friends who I was talking to you you would see why it was hysterical that they didn’t know about the -dere. I received the recommendation from a stereotypical real life Tsundere and passed on the recommendation to the Korean male version of the real life Dandere How could they not know! They where nerds, albeit more popular less stereotypically nerdy nerds then me, but still nerds. 
Explaining it to them was easy, thankfully. What was even weirder was the -dere I was labelled with. THEY SAID I WAS A YANDERE. Images of Yuno from Future Diaries flashing in my mind the rest of the night. I swear, I am not that bad. No, I can’t be that bad. 

A topsy-turvy anime obsessed,
I.L. Knight

P.s. I need to stop teaching friends anime terms. It back fires…


Hide and Seek- Lizz



BuzzFeed Quizzes

After endless hours of conversations with friends and Buzzfeed quizzes I have come to the conclusion that I am a pretty weird person. Weird in the sense that I really do seem to like sad things and exhibit eccentric and often random likes for things. I don’t have a problem with this. It’s just…

I don’t know? Maybe I want to fit in a nice neat box. My friends joke that my life is like a drama or a movie. I suppose that would make a lot of people happy, having the extreme ups and downs. For me, I’ve just always wanted to be perfectly average.  Average looks, average intelligence, average social life, career, wants, hopes, dreams and love.

Maybe at the end of the day I feel so meh all the time because I want to be something I’m not. Not that I’m this super special person. I’m just someone who won’t fit in a nice neat box. Coming to terms with that may be the best thing for me.

The problem is, I don’t know how to come to terms with that. How do you see yourself as special when you never wanted to be special?

I mean how do you combine a everything unique about a person into one nice category?

Let’s take my Buzzfeed quiz results for instance:

I am destined to end up with InuYasha.
If I was an anime playing volleyball player I’d be the smart ass Toru Oikawa.
I’m chill like I’m basically a yaoi anime character Haruka Nanase.
I’m as playful as Neko from K Project.
I belong in a Teen Wolf episode.
I am the human form of Lemon Cake.
I am apparently destined to become a Black Lantern.
Also the Joker.
I am apparently as intense as Batman,
And super charged as Wanda Maximoff.
As avoidant of the past as Simba,
and as eccentric as Rafiki.
I’m even apparently working on being as bad ass as Ryuko Matoi.
If giant man eating monsters came alive I’d be Mikasa Ackerman.

How do people take all of these results and make this into one person?

p.s. I know this is a lot of quizzes. It’s just a thing I do with a friend. We compare and laugh. Don’t judge girl bonding time 😛

I.L. Knight


Getting to Know You – Julie Andrews