Hmm… Maybe a Semi Better Explanation is in Order?

So one of the things I’ve been doing on my break is taking the time to clean up a lot of my stuff, like old notes, old computer files, works of mine I was too embarrassed to let people know were my original works, and other things like that. It was really nice to take a break from moving over my Fan Fiction and all the effort I put in trying to be creative about other people’s work. Plus, the feeling of a better sense of organization was AMAZING. It even gave me a renewed sense of one day fighting my apprehension towards publication.

But I have realized that what makes my site what it is right now is Fan Fiction, so I need to get back to updating that. So on that note, I wanted to know what type of Fan Fiction you want to see here? My version of Fan Fiction? More standard Ships that I will try my hardest to write for you? Yaoi? [ Lord, help me if so. ]

Down below is a list of fan fiction I have that can already be added :


Choujin Koukourei Tachi was Isekaideno Youyuu de Ikinuku You desu !

DC Comics

Dies Irae

Douluo Dalu

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~ Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi ~



Re : Monster


Tate no Yuusha


I’m thinking of adding three this week. I’d love for everyone’s input on which ones you would prefer. As well as, your vote in something that’s not on the list. If I get enough requests for a specific series I will post a sample Chapter 1 of it on Sunday. The other three will be released through out the week!

As this week will be dedicated to getting fan fiction content uploaded on the site, so I can move on to uploading some of my original work!

Please look forward to the next weeks to come and more specifically Monday Updates. Lot’s of new stuff should be rolling out soon! And let’s just say, Mondays will be the days you get to know what’s coming up ahead. Except for today….Which is a Sunday….. (✿´ ꒳ ` )

I guess you will be getting the next one real soon,

I.L. Knight


Party for the Fight to Write – Atmosphere


Star Trek : Discovery

So many 90’s kids grew up with Star Trek. Depending when in the 90’s you were born or who your parents were depended on where you started. Some started with Captain Kirk and the Klingons or Captain Picard and the Borg. For me, I started with the completely unsuitable to be Captain Captain Kirk.

However, unlike the Captain I started with the Captain of the USS Shenzhou, Captain Philippa Georgiou, actually seems like she was a great Captain. In two episodes she showed she was the Sun Tzu quoting female Picard type. Watching her leave the show is a tragedy.

An even bigger tragedy I think, is that they charged Michael Turnham with the full degree of her crimes. I get it as a plot device, but as an isolated event within the story I don’t buy it. Kirk got away with how many awful decisions? Miss Michael had a compliantly spotless and commendable service record. As well as, the bias influence of a Vulcan upbringing. When Spock messed up due to influences of emotion he mostly got a witty remark and then a sigh.

The First Officer did not actually harm her Superior officer and her order didn’t actually go through. Besides, her order might have been better in the first place! As it was proven that her acknowledgement of Vulcan analysis of culture one upped the Federation’s “We Come in Peace” agenda.

I think the event was wrong to conclude like that, but so far the two episodes out have been everything we could want in a Star Trek reboot. I can’t wait to give the show a chance and experience more Vulcan-isms in my weekly entertainment.

Live Long & Prosper,

I.L. Knight


Star Trek : Discovery – Main Title Sequence

Accents … Especially the Colloquial Ones

I think it would be no surprise to anyone if I said that I was a Game of Thrones fan. So I won’t say it. Instead, I’ll flash forward through the sentences were I point out what I love about the show and the actors and get to the point B or the real matter of the blog post: accents. Specifically, how badly one can cringe when beloved actors try their darnedest to copy beloved accents.

I submit two pieces of evidence: (1) The Book of Love and (2) Brimstone. Now, according to Youtube these are 2017 movies and I have only seen their trailers. Yet, I believe it is a strong enough example to use. The trailers are strong examples of beloved actors using not so beloved accents.

The Book of Love features Game of Thrones Actress Maisie Williams. Considering her and the entire portion of Game of Thrones actors who have to mimic Sean Bean’s Northern English Accent I would say she generally has an ear and skill for accents. But even for a skilled actress like Maisie Williams crossing international water can prove to signal an issue for the desired accent.

In the movie, The Book of Love, the actress is made to forgo her natural South-West English accent for a true homegrown Southern accent. The result is an awful bastardization of a beloved colloquial accent. Yes, the remark is harsh, but it is very true. And by saying it I truly don’t mean to insult Maisie Williams. She is a talented actress who was either met with the issue of a miscast or a cruel decision by all of her co-workers on not informing her accent was so horrendously awful you can’t even laugh about it. The result is not just people unjustly insulting her acting skills, but the ruining of a movie that could of had potential.

A bad accent is like a nail hammered in the ear of a local. Bloody awful. That mess ruins the whole entertainment process, and then gets turned back on the actress.

My second example, Brimstone, features another Game of Thrones Actor I think is faced with the same problem, Kit Harrington. He only appeared in the trailer for a brief second and it was enough to make me cry. Putting aside the fact that every time I see him I can only see Jon Snow the accent itself made me want to hit my head into a wall. A talented actor completed ruined by the sound of someone hammering a nail in my ears.

I’m from South Florida and so I only have an slight Southern accent to what can other wise be considered the mutated colloquialism of South Florida pronunciation (thank you New Yorkers and Cubans for making us confused), but even I get hit hard when I hear the words I use so off. It makes me think that there is an unconscious parody of how I speak or enunciate.

To make matters worse, Brimstone was supposed to be in the Old American West. As an American my first thought then becomes shouldn’t of he had a Midwestern accent? There are ones safer and easier to use then a distinct Southern accent for an English actor. Although something like that choice probably isn’t the fault of the actor, but of the directors of the movie itself, it is still a MAJOR PROBLEM. Using the wrong accent for the wrong location is like saying we won’t hammer in a nail, but a cutip will still be pushed in too deep! There’s no blood, so it’s all good y’all.

Using the wrong accent can really ruin the entertainment process. It affects the entire production from how a story is received and how a character (or the actor) is viewed. There shouldn’t be an occasion when letting the actor know they need to work on accent or aren’t fit for a role because of their accent be a problem. If we are willing to seek perfection on casting by looks, mannerisms or politics then seeking perfection by accent shouldn’t be so inconsistent.

Everyone in every profession has limitations. In fact, expanding your skills beyond your national maritime borders is not an easy process for most people. There’s no reason to feel bad or insulted by not having the skills. Please, just don’t take the acting job without it. Polish your skills first.

Some of us don’t want to criticize you for such a mistake when we know you are talented…. But if you butcher how we speak that badly it becomes SUPER HARD not to get upset.

I love my accent. I don’t mind that my slight drawl sometimes makes me accidentally trip on my words like I’m lost in thought. It’s a part of me. Seeing it so badly done is just making me feel like that part of me is a joke.

And no one wants to feel like they are joke,

I.L. Knight


Onomatopoeia – John Prine

Hi Hi Y’all

Hi Hi Y’all. I just wanted to apologize for the really awkward break. To start with I thought I took the site off the webs for awhile. Buuuuut, I guess I did that wrong (ꐦ°᷄д°᷅).

In any case, the first reason I thought I did that was because my health problems were in a natural upswing of pain. The second reason was we had some Hurricanes down here in Florida.

The website will resume normal ( or preferably better more scheduled updating) tonight.

Thanks for understanding,

I.L. Knight


Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes – Elton Jon

Teen Wolf

Ever since I was a kid I remember loving one thing more then anything else: Fiction. Any and all kinds of it. To me, it was a teacher, a story and a friend. It all started with the old stories my mother used to tell me. Childish versions of myths and legends. The confusing Old English romances put in to break it all up.

I remember it started with the seductive vampire. Then there were the werewolves who warned about the dangers of the full moon. The witches that with people’s fate or the animals of nature that represented it.

At that time, my grandfather found it funny to see how my eyes sparkled at the “silly-notions” of our ancestors. My grandma told me at that time that people had these stories, because they didn’t have anything else. I’m sure she meant that as entertainment, but I took it as the ancient version of a warning sign.

Do you know why Odin only has one eye? It’s because he had to give one up to get a drink from Mimir’s Well. You see, Mimir told Odin that to drink from the Well of Urd, which contained the knowledge of all things, he had to give the appropriate sacrifice or offering. How horrible was it for Odin to have to give up an eye after already injuring himself and starving himself for days before in order to discover the nordic runes just before. No matter how bad it must of been Odin still carved out his eye.

People tend to think the story was about a belief that their was no sacrifice not worth it for wisdom. I think that is a nifty idea and a truly academic way at looking at it. However, as a young child with no parent explaining what the story meant that’s not what I got. All I wanted to know was why did Odin suffer and why was their a permanent mark left on him? The answer I came up with as a kid was that it takes time and effort to grow wiser. You are giving up a part of yourself the more you learn, and that leaves it’s mark on you. Wether it is a physical deformity or an emotional one you are marked. You know about a responsibility or an outlook someone else does not now.

I thought Odin only had one eye, because he now saw the world differently. If that was the case then I got the message that I would soon see the world differently as well. Even if I hadn’t drank from the Well of Urd or lost my own eye.

But my grandma was also right. Not everything was just about some perceived lesson. Myths and legends were entertainment. The type that plays on something in us we forget we have sometimes. Not fear of something greater then us, but a primal and innocent whimsy that never goes away.

Sometimes, entertainment can feel too whimsical when it tries to touch on this feeling inside us. It can be too cartoony or an un-inspiring work of fiction. I always thought Teen Wolf was an example of something like that. Because, I mean, come on…. That tittle? It’s like MTV is warning the public to please stay thirteen forever so we can secure high ratings. MTV needs us to Ship our pairings on the internet so they can make tons of money.

But, even I can admit I was wrong. Sorry MTV.

This post is for the person out there who spent every year Teen Wolf was on trying to convince me to give the show a chance. She broke me down at the air date of the seventeenth episode of the FINAL season. I’m sorry for laughing. They balance the whimsy pretty well.

Even if every time a Japanese monster appears and I normally want to throw something at my TV, I can admit Teen Wolf doesn’t incite the same internal reaction. They balance the whimsy pretty well. I knew the actors were great from other things they’ve done, but seeing them on the show was also a factor in admitting it was a good series. They are all really great.

So I’ve been eating crow the last few days to binge watch the entire 6 seasons, and tuned in to the final episode in time. I must say this about season 6. It was a little rushed (with Malia and Scott’s relationship, how much was crammed in to a final episode and how BADLY I wanted to see more of what that time jump meant), but all in all it was pretty fantastic. They picked up old threads, returned characters, promised a future release of information through other forms of media and most of all they delivered a well written piece of fiction.

I am really sad to see this series go, even if I was atrociously late to the party. Scott McHall is a pretty great Alpha to have. And your safety is confirmed with the fact he has people willing to kill in place of him in his pack. Your safety is assured, just as much as your entertainment. I hope when MTV decides to reboot Teen Wolf with a new group that they deliver the same thing I just watched.

Sad while eating my pie,

I.L. Knight


Not Gonna Break Me – Jamie N Commons

Moving Houses :

Just in case the whole world didn’t happen to know I go to university in Canada…I go to Uni in Canada. This summer I happen to not be in Montreal Canada, so I can help my mom move. The last week has been a crazy up and down battle between the two of us over this……. SHE TOOK AWAY WIFI GUYS. WIFI.

And now to conclude on why I have to make a post about this: I am not moving.

An entire summer in Florida to prepare to move for a house you bought and you decide to not move….. Everything I own has been in boxes for months. You have been a crazy flighty owl and WE ARE NOT MOVING. I WAS PROMISED A NEW BED, or a the very least a bedroom that didn’t look like my mom designed it for me when I was ten (she did).

The betrayal …

A tired and annoyed,

I.L. Knight



The King Of Wishful Thinking – New Found Glory

Early Morning Blogging

Doesn’t seem so early anymore, but when I started staring at my computer the sun had just appeared. I really should have a few sips of coffee already and get too work on some of my life chores. Today, I just had the feeling of wanting to make sure I take care of my blog first. Take care of you guys. Yep. You guys first. Although, I really don’t know what to blog about. Did anyone see Kimba as a kid? I was shocked to see my friend hadn’t. I was also asked about dying my hair again… hmm…It really is no good. My brain and I are just not morning people.

I.L. Knight


Morning Song- The Avett Brothers

Light Novels

Here’s the thing about reading Light Novels (er in some cases they may still be considered web novels it gets murky when they are on english translation sites) in your native language: it generally sucks. You wait a long ass time for a translation you don’t know is good unless you are lucky to have other translations to compare it too and there of course is always the risk your light novel can suddenly just stop being translated or change its timely update schedule. If you are capable of learning Japanese (or Chinese or Korean depending on which style of web novel you prefer) I suggest learning it for just this reason. Still, I have years of study in both Chinese and Korean and I can’t enjoy Light Novels 100% in either of those languages without comparing them back to the English translations afterwards. For me the current dilemma is that I had found a great Light Novel, Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou No Aruji O Mezasa Nakya, Ne?, that was updating everyday since summer break started.  I really love reincarnation genre literature and Otoko has a strong story line and great writing for a foreign audience. It wouldn’t be an over exaggeration to say that I looked forward to the daily update of Otoko as a distraction from everything I was dealing with. Oh. Pain from Physical Therapy? Otoko. Oh. Mom wants to cancel wifi in the house. It’s cool, Otoko can be read on my mobile phone. Yea. For the translator they are freeing up time by only updating chapters once a week….But in my world…. That doesn’t feel the same. It’s like they think I’m a High Human. 500 years have gone by. Poof. Here’s your next chapter of Otoko~

I’d like to diverge from the main point for a moment to bring up another Light Novel that I loved, Mushoku Tensei. It was so solid and descriptive until the last few chapters (which is was like ok no more descriptions this shit now ends (╬ಠ益ಠ) ). In fact, it is the only thing I have ever read that I have not known how to write a fan fiction for it (mostly because I’m still reeling from the complete drop off when it comes to the main MC’s children). The MC has a few wives that can live a long time. They are examples of people who can wait for updates that are “weekend-only”. However, MC and I are just normal people. I can’t even use magic.  Give me my fucking updates and your usual consistency.

Returning now. The other point. I had mentioned before I have studied both Chinese and Korean formally. Yea. Not Japanese. Although, I have a lot of informal experience with Japanese, because of spending so much time within East Asian activities for both my school major and hobbies Japanese is not something that is easy for me or generally. My friends laugh at me, because I can’t even remember the alphabet…. Like fuck you guys, I can read the Kanji, so go die in a hole. They don’t.  And even if I did manage to learn Japanese that’s not anytime soon (unless Japan releases microchip language learning….in which case I still say no, because FEAR THE ROBOT APOCALYPSE). There’s also the additional fact language used in literature is different then languages used in day to day life. That is especially true in the case of Light Novels/Web Novels.

It’s just an unfair system and things need to change. Someone, not me, with the skills needs to find a way to create a system that organizes and decently pays good translators.

Because this unfair rant of mine will probably come up again.

I.L. Knight

P.s. Thank God I have Soy Pudding to calm me down when I write this or there would be no organization.


Tired of Waiting for You- The Kinks

【THE NEW GATE】公式ティザームービー

Me Cat and His Carrier

Me Cat.

I really love my cat. I am aware of how much that makes me fall into the crazy cat lady section of the internets, but I am 100% ok with that. Because I love my cat. Starting university in Canada was a rougher and scarier transition then I let people know. When my resting bitch faced pimp came into my life a lot of those anxieties started to disappear. Even when all the health drama and other things started going down my cat could make all of the go away. So the lil dip-shit takes advantage of that.

There has never been anything in this world I’ve seen really bother him since I’ve picked him up off the streets except his carrier. Not even airplanes. But the moment you try to get him in a carrier he panics. When he is in a carrier he panics….and poops. Every time. The vet always looks at me like drug your cat and I always look at them like I am a mother and I am not drugging my baby. Getting him into a carrier is hard enough when he looks up at me with that face like, “Mom. Why are you bing such a traitor? Why do you want me burned alive? I thought you loved me?” *Sigh*

Me cat. You have aids. Your yearly check ups and shots are extremely important. I only wish my heart didn’t have to hurt every time I see your panic attacks…

I.L. Knight


Year of the Cat – Al Stewart