Moving Houses :

Just in case the whole world didn’t happen to know I go to university in Canada…I go to Uni in Canada. This summer I happen to not be in Montreal Canada, so I can help my mom move. The last week has been a crazy up and down battle between the two of us over this……. SHE TOOK AWAY WIFI GUYS. WIFI.

And now to conclude on why I have to make a post about this: I am not moving.

An entire summer in Florida to prepare to move for a house you bought and you decide to not move….. Everything I own has been in boxes for months. You have been a crazy flighty owl and WE ARE NOT MOVING. I WAS PROMISED A NEW BED, or a the very least a bedroom that didn’t look like my mom designed it for me when I was ten (she did).

The betrayal …

A tired and annoyed,

I.L. Knight



The King Of Wishful Thinking – New Found Glory

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