The Start of Making Things Official :

I’ve been meaning to start making a proper blog for awhile. Now, that everything around me is so busy and I have so many other things to accomplish I find the motivation to escape with this project. I have attempted to make blogs before, but they either come out not to my liking or my concentration issues make it impossible to keep updating…This time I have hopes it will be different.

This time, I’m fighting for my dreams :p

I.L. Knight


UP – Epik High (Ft. Bom)

Moving Houses :

Just in case the whole world didn’t happen to know I go to university in Canada…I go to Uni in Canada. This summer I happen to not be in Montreal Canada, so I can help my mom move. The last week has been a crazy up and down battle between the two of us over this……. SHE TOOK AWAY WIFI GUYS. WIFI.

And now to conclude on why I have to make a post about this: I am not moving.

An entire summer in Florida to prepare to move for a house you bought and you decide to not move….. Everything I own has been in boxes for months. You have been a crazy flighty owl and WE ARE NOT MOVING. I WAS PROMISED A NEW BED, or a the very least a bedroom that didn’t look like my mom designed it for me when I was ten (she did).

The betrayal …

A tired and annoyed,

I.L. Knight



The King Of Wishful Thinking – New Found Glory

Early Morning Blogging

Doesn’t seem so early anymore, but when I started staring at my computer the sun had just appeared. I really should have a few sips of coffee already and get too work on some of my life chores. Today, I just had the feeling of wanting to make sure I take care of my blog first. Take care of you guys. Yep. You guys first. Although, I really don’t know what to blog about. Did anyone see Kimba as a kid? I was shocked to see my friend hadn’t. I was also asked about dying my hair again… hmm…It really is no good. My brain and I are just not morning people.

I.L. Knight


Morning Song- The Avett Brothers

Light Novels

Here’s the thing about reading Light Novels (er in some cases they may still be considered web novels it gets murky when they are on english translation sites) in your native language: it generally sucks. You wait a long ass time for a translation you don’t know is good unless you are lucky to have other translations to compare it too and there of course is always the risk your light novel can suddenly just stop being translated or change its timely update schedule. If you are capable of learning Japanese (or Chinese or Korean depending on which style of web novel you prefer) I suggest learning it for just this reason. Still, I have years of study in both Chinese and Korean and I can’t enjoy Light Novels 100% in either of those languages without comparing them back to the English translations afterwards. For me the current dilemma is that I had found a great Light Novel, Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou No Aruji O Mezasa Nakya, Ne?, that was updating everyday since summer break started.  I really love reincarnation genre literature and Otoko has a strong story line and great writing for a foreign audience. It wouldn’t be an over exaggeration to say that I looked forward to the daily update of Otoko as a distraction from everything I was dealing with. Oh. Pain from Physical Therapy? Otoko. Oh. Mom wants to cancel wifi in the house. It’s cool, Otoko can be read on my mobile phone. Yea. For the translator they are freeing up time by only updating chapters once a week….But in my world…. That doesn’t feel the same. It’s like they think I’m a High Human. 500 years have gone by. Poof. Here’s your next chapter of Otoko~

I’d like to diverge from the main point for a moment to bring up another Light Novel that I loved, Mushoku Tensei. It was so solid and descriptive until the last few chapters (which is was like ok no more descriptions this shit now ends (╬ಠ益ಠ) ). In fact, it is the only thing I have ever read that I have not known how to write a fan fiction for it (mostly because I’m still reeling from the complete drop off when it comes to the main MC’s children). The MC has a few wives that can live a long time. They are examples of people who can wait for updates that are “weekend-only”. However, MC and I are just normal people. I can’t even use magic.  Give me my fucking updates and your usual consistency.

Returning now. The other point. I had mentioned before I have studied both Chinese and Korean formally. Yea. Not Japanese. Although, I have a lot of informal experience with Japanese, because of spending so much time within East Asian activities for both my school major and hobbies Japanese is not something that is easy for me or generally. My friends laugh at me, because I can’t even remember the alphabet…. Like fuck you guys, I can read the Kanji, so go die in a hole. They don’t.  And even if I did manage to learn Japanese that’s not anytime soon (unless Japan releases microchip language learning….in which case I still say no, because FEAR THE ROBOT APOCALYPSE). There’s also the additional fact language used in literature is different then languages used in day to day life. That is especially true in the case of Light Novels/Web Novels.

It’s just an unfair system and things need to change. Someone, not me, with the skills needs to find a way to create a system that organizes and decently pays good translators.

Because this unfair rant of mine will probably come up again.

I.L. Knight

P.s. Thank God I have Soy Pudding to calm me down when I write this or there would be no organization.


Tired of Waiting for You- The Kinks

【THE NEW GATE】公式ティザームービー

Me Cat and His Carrier

Me Cat.

I really love my cat. I am aware of how much that makes me fall into the crazy cat lady section of the internets, but I am 100% ok with that. Because I love my cat. Starting university in Canada was a rougher and scarier transition then I let people know. When my resting bitch faced pimp came into my life a lot of those anxieties started to disappear. Even when all the health drama and other things started going down my cat could make all of the go away. So the lil dip-shit takes advantage of that.

There has never been anything in this world I’ve seen really bother him since I’ve picked him up off the streets except his carrier. Not even airplanes. But the moment you try to get him in a carrier he panics. When he is in a carrier he panics….and poops. Every time. The vet always looks at me like drug your cat and I always look at them like I am a mother and I am not drugging my baby. Getting him into a carrier is hard enough when he looks up at me with that face like, “Mom. Why are you bing such a traitor? Why do you want me burned alive? I thought you loved me?” *Sigh*

Me cat. You have aids. Your yearly check ups and shots are extremely important. I only wish my heart didn’t have to hurt every time I see your panic attacks…

I.L. Knight


Year of the Cat – Al Stewart

A Moment of Vulnerability Here

**Disclaimer: I had this post done MONDAY, but my mom apparently turned off the wifi in the house on Monday night (we fight sometimes *sighs*). ANNNND. My phone was taken away from me on Tuesday, so I had no idea the posts didn’t update. Time to flood Posts. 🙂 **

A Moment of Vulnerability Here:

I may be an outwardly cold and superbly cold and detached (when it comes to morality) human being, but even I lately look back on certain memories. One in particular. A memory of me cuddling with someone in bed. They were being lil lost boy on the computer staring at red blue and black lines (normally, I’d be taking the chance to catch up on some manga updates) and I was glancing out the window by the bed to look out at the rain. Maybe it’s a South Florida thing, or something about growing up in a coastal area, but the wind in the rain isn’t just soothing. It’s a part of you. And in a moment like that, as you stare out at the small window of a second floor bedroom, you can feel a brief moment of peace. Even when you don’t normally feel it. I want that again. It’s one of the only few times in my life I’ve had it.

I.L. Knight


Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head -BJ Thomas

Info Load & Ambitions

Today is the 2nd time I am celebrating my baby cousin’s 8th birthday. It is also the 2nd pool party. As such, I had no problem crawling away from the Florida Summer Sun for a few minutes to write this quick post. Inspired by: Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle. Which against what everyone seems to be saying I think actually looks really hysterical. The trailer made me forget how much the sun wants to kill us all. So here goes with my post:

The Writing Schedule I Would Like To Follow:

Mon – Fan Fiction Update. Ideally, I would like to update at least two chapters.

Tues- Web novel day. One chapter.

Wed- Potentially I would like to learn how to do a Podcast and do it once a week on Wednesdays, because Wednesdays are my favorite days. If not then it will be a novel writing day.

Thu- Site Maintenance Day as a primary and push for Fan Fiction Update.

Fri- Web Novel Day, one chapter. If people are coming, commenting and things of that nature I would love to

Sat-  Writing Bonanza. Depending on if I can’t do more in the week I want to make Saturday my sort of cafe day. Upload everything I need to upload and then some.

Sun- FREE DAY : Use to review materials and work on what needs to be done // Life Chores + Survive School

**Of course, this is excluding my daily goal of at least one blog post a day ! **

Things I Wish I Could Beg For From You:

1) An Editor – Ah. Long story short I am an atrocious typer. No way around it. Let’s come to an agreement shall we?

2) An Illustrator – I actually own one of the drawing pad for your computers and after years can fiddle around with it. However, I can’t really draw well with it. It is a real shame, because I love featuring art and music on my blog. Even if it is not my own, if you have any artwork you think that would match something on here please let me know! I want to add it on!

3) Tec Help – I don’t know if I have said it enough by now, but I am awful with technology. Bloody Awful. If I was good at it there are a ton of little projects I would like to do. The first would be play around with youtube and appease an insistent friend of mine. The second would fix up my blog with how I see it more in my head. The third would be with help with podcasts and game streaming. Yep. Yep. Anways, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I could really use some advice. I’ve read lots of books and read lots of tutorials, but it doesn’t help.

4) Responses – I find it really important to get criticism. Wether you have positive or negative comments I really I want you to leave them behind. I know I am starting out with not a lot of knowledge or skill in this area, so anything said at all is a gift to someone like me. I am working hard on building thick skin that can handle it all.


I guess I have to say that I’ve always been the type of person with a lot of really good ideas and some really good skills towards implementing them. However, it’s really hard to fight my natural urge to be chaotic when I know that my biggest personal weakness is technical skills. For that reason alone I don’t mind being a little shameless and asking for help for those who are better then me. But I also have another reason to ask. Whatever I do or try do I want it to be something that is inclusive to people. I like the idea of using bits and pieces of what everyone has to contribute. Wether it is in a paid format or a volunteer one. Please everyone. Stay with me.

I.L. Knight

Superman (It’s Not Easy) – Five for Fighting


The No-Pants Day Phenomenon

Today’s my first ever No-Pants Day. I know this, because both sound and light are apostles of the Anti-Christ and my head feels like an animated movie scene where the Looney Tune is going up and down on the concrete, because of an uncontrollable jack hammer. Unlike my No-Pants Day phenomenon it has been awhile since I’ve had one of these… Still, I’m not writing to dwell on the desire to bash my head through the wall. Oh no. You see for the strangest of reasons I find this No-Pants Day phenomenon somewhat exhilarating. So much so, for the first time in ages I want to write again. 
My first thought is back before all of this. Before the self discovery. The existential crises. Before the physical pain and before the utter recognition that I have descended into the realm of madness completely. I used to be a runner. Not a good one, but I was still one. I used to love to fight as well. One strike. One moment of clarity returned to my scattered mind. That was taken away from me. “Momentarily” of course. Still, I was in shape and I hadn’t even known I was.
I thought I was chubby. My biggest insecurity: legs. All I wanted was the Heroin-Chic/Mod/P Pastel Goth type of body frame. But no matter the actions I took I couldn’t change the fact I had muscular athletic legs. Mother Nature’s choice of body frame was set. My insecurity was worsened by the fact of my over conscious recognition of being un-balanced. Asymmetrical. Short, curvy frame, minuscule features, legs and arms that are “occasionally” different lengths, because of joint issues and detrimental Pride issues. How could I love my legs? I wanted legs with not just a thigh gap, but nothing on them. I wanted tight jeans and over sized tops. All I wanted at the time was to look somewhere between drug addict and tough. Silly I guess. But people are silly. In the end, I still don’t really like my legs.
On this No-Pants Day I feel the occasional rub of the legs touching and I want to be shot in the head. It’s awful. The feeling of skin rubbing against skin…is a crime. Like someone is poking me with a hot rod. But still. I haven’t put on pants. I once went twelve days without pooping and had to be hospitalize. During that time I still fought for the right to wear pants. So hard in fact that I had won against both the doctors and my own discomfort. 
Honestly, I am writing partly due to the shock of it all. Why not wearing pants is a phenomenon that after months of pain makes me feel something again. I wanted to laugh… but that’s still gone. It seems like I really don’t have that option, so I tried crying. But that didn’t work either for me. And what seems to be working is on my bed with a fuzzy blue blanket, a blue gel pen, a yellow paper lined notepad and an old TV one season show playing teen drama in the back ground (The Tomorrow People). Sound… Egh.
A year ago I wanted to write a book. A sequel of sorts to a book I’ve yet to finish. The first was to be called Eating Matzot Under the Bodhi Tree. It was a collection of things resembling essays when all my new problems began. I was on the taster course and wanted to find inspiration again. Turned out I had the chance to leave the continent for the first time and go to one of the places I’ve dreamed of: Taiwan. It was pretty fantastic. Although, when I returned I soon developed a bitter regret of sorts as an after taste. I immediately wanted that feeling to be a sequel collection. An after to returning to the real world or real problems down the mountain.  The name… Finding Valhalla. Totally different sounding right? I’m sort of awful like that. But it had the feeling. I could feel the bitter regret. 
Right now, I’m wondering if something like a strange exhilaration of wearing no pants is something that would be a part of that sequel collection. It’s not like in the two years since I had the idea I’ve really written anything for it. The problem with bitter emotions is it stops achievement and emotional inspiration. Hard to write with that dilemma. Yet, now I am? Isn’t something like this perfect then? I should have a moment of recognition for the phenomenon of No-Pants Day?
Finding Valhalla was sort of a different kind of Ode for me. Being in Asia with a group of foreigners made me think a lot about my ancestors. How I’ve always perceived myself as Jewish and part of a bubble like community of South Florida. But that wasn’t all I was. A part of me grew up with passed down Swedish traditions. Very little at this point. Most of it centering around food and random stories…Yet, just as lingonberries are apart of my breakfast no matter their mark up price, so was the idea of Sweden. 
Then I thought about school. When we learned about the Greek Gods for a year and everyone had opinions. I didn’t really have that attachment. I wanted Odin. Why is it only the Greeks and Romans? There exists so many others. And they all seem to teach different things! When I was very tiny and wasn’t watching old Yakuza flicks I read mostly Norse and Russian myths. What I discovered was an unhealthy enjoyment of Baba Yaga and a weird morality lesson from Valhalla. Within those pages I got a sense of understanding of my place.  What I’m supposed to feel in my final moments. That’s how the name and idea of bitter regrets connected for me. Not only was I no longer doing anything more then existing I seemed to lose sight of my personal path towards Valhalla. Especially, since warfare (even if I probably couldn’t exist within that society at this point) wasn’t how the world operated anymore.
This No-Pants Day phenomenon makes me double back to that. That feeling of striking out. Like I’ve swung a hammer against my own personal foe and have landed a scratch it will remember. Bitter regrets? Yea, I have plenty? Insecurities about my legs? You better believe it. Unending battle against finding my place in a world that is increasingly difficult for highly intelligent but conditioned to be a nervous dog within society? Yep, still in full swing. But somehow…Even if I haven’t really done anything and am I pain I feel as if I’ve swung my sword for the first time in ages. Like I get better end then Biorn did by almost getting to the point where I have the choice of running away from Judaic-Christian Fatality. 


This moment aside, I will certainly not make this habit. I intend to still be a pants sort of person…
I.L. Knight

Why Jason Todd ?

Why Jason Todd was my favorite Robin and still has the potential to be again :

Before the creation of Damian Wayne my favorite Robin was probably everyone’s least favorite Robin, Jason Todd.  To be blunt about why I had issues with the main Robins Dick Grayson and Tim Drake would be to admit that they are characters that felt predictable. The first Robin, Dick Grayson, against every other person’s vote is probably my least favorite Robin. He is prideful, showy, whorish, and the archetype of a specific comic book character : an annoyingly perfect ward. After so many years of Dick Grayson and the successful development of the Nightwing comics I can’t get over the feeling that Dick Grayson is simply always going to be Dick Grayson. The recent story line of him possibly finding true love, not with the most widely desired partner Barbra Gordon, but with ex-villain Shawn Tsang happens to be really interesting. I love when DC brings in those smaller characters in a very smooth way. I also especially love her for a character like Dick Grayson, because she was able to shock me. Shawn does an unexpectedly great job at making me enjoy Dick Grayson again. However, knowing DC’s patterns with Dick Grayson makes me less then hopeful of this feeling or their relationship continuing. The third Robin was Tim Drake. Unlike Dick Grayson, I don’t think Tim Drake necessarily is a frustrating or seemingly frequently perfect character. My problem with him is that more often then not his role makes me pity him. Tim is an excellent Detective and in many cases seems to surpass his mentor in that specific role. His skills are admirable and really captivate the reader. The problem is Tim Drake is probably the weakest fighter within the Bat Family. More often then not he seems to give off the feeling that he should not be a caped crusader within the Gotham Universe. The character Question seems to be a better fit for the environment. Especially, if you factor in the dynamics with Huntress. Even after his detective skills and survival knacks from Batman Tim Drake is often the brunt of some of the worst individual events that have happened to a Robin. He has been killed by the Joker, brainwashed by the Joker and forcibly becoming the Joker from years of psychological trauma. Those three things only cover the things the Joker did to him. They are also an example of a type of act that reflects how broken a character can become, especially when touched by the Joker, in the Gotham Universe. Tim Drake’s story always makes me want to pity him. He seems to be the middle child who is least fit for their families entire job. The current Robin is Damian Wayne. A part of me feels extremely guilty for preferring Damian over Jason. The reason is I have always felt that Damian Wayne ended up as a better character because DC cared about him more. He is the blood son of Batman. Damian has to be a successful fleshed out character and you can see that care within the DC comics. He also has been provided a great foil with Dick Grayson. Who makes his arrogant and unlikeable demeanor a true enjoyable experience. To me, Damian Wayne always felt like a reboot in a sense of what Jason Todd was supposed to be: the fighting oriented Robin who consistently teeters back and forth between the morality of kill or not to kill. He also finally gave fans a child of Batman that is considered part of the main Earth of the multiverse. As Bruce’s daughter with Selina Kyle,  Helena Wayne (Huntress), is not a reoccurring explanation of her main back story. Further, backbone heroes all seemed to have strong stories with blood related children. Batman is one of the Dc heroes who has probably slept with an absurd amount of women. It was time for him to have his own child. It’s great to then see that child compete with Superman’s. Damian Wayne is currently my favorite Robin. However, I refuse to discredit Jason Todd’s potential like the rest of the DC writers.

Many years ago, one of my first fan fiction ever, I wrote down a badly written dialogue between Jason Todd and a potential female foil. As a kid, I had always wanted and waited for DC to deliver what I thought Jason Todd could be. Because of this, I left that dialogue alone in a drawer for years. The Outlaw comics turned out to be the comics that gave me false hope. They started out seemingly strong. Starfire and Roy Harper are extremely well done characters. Especially, when you see Roy’s struggles while balancing a relationship with a sexually charged powerhouse like Starfire. DC had a great chance to develop Jason Todd. Yet, by the end of the comics I read he was the only one of the trio that seemed to still fall flat. Around that time I was dealing with unresolved feelings towards unwanted sexual advances when I was a child. In a weird way, I ended up confronting the memories by the random (and badly written) fan fiction dialogues. The old note I had of a female character for Jason Todd seemed to turn into something completely else. Originally, I had desperately wanted Jason Todd to have a simple romance like the other members of the Gotham Universe. However, I will be the first one to admit I wrote a very unstable and personal character by accident. I think Jason Todd’s darker tendencies gave me an outlet to bring out darker controversial issues of growing up. Valkyrie was definitely that character. As I pulled in many of the struggles of those I’ve known into one character. I still think a complicated character and somewhat mentally unstable is a good addition to Jason Todd’s story, but it doesn’t have to be mine. The fan fiction really was about trying to think of a way to expand the character himself. I naturally wanted to fit it into the comic timeline I felt had the most potential with Jason Todd, the Outlaw comics. As it shows Jason trying to come to terms with everything and show a desire to not be a lone jaded renegade. Characters like Talon and Raven seemed like they could be a good fit, even if I don’t write them very well. Later on, I added Miss Martian in because the Young Justice version mixed with the comic book version seemed like an interesting toss up. As the Outlaws couldn’t be a team that was meant to mirror the Titans. All of the existing characters have had psychopathic and jaded moments (Starfire arguable existing as a female hero able to coexist with another who posses those traits in her undeniable sparkly way). But all of this was just was the the random moment of consideration towards a Robin I once loved.

It is at this time I put away my brief explanation of the base of my Fan Fiction to clarify something: I Love DC. Not only will I fight someone over how DC comics is better then Marvel (ignoring their cinematic blights), but some of my fondest childhood memories are of DC comics. When the Outlaw comics came out, I really wanted to have a chance to write for DC. I didn’t care that I had no comic book writing experience. What I wanted was a chance to help be a part of helping to make Jason Todd as badass as I thought he could be as a kid. What lead me to writing down the bad Fan Fiction you will read is at the time only seeing DC seemingly interested in acquiring new artists really hurt my young feelings. I started to wonder about what I thought of interesting or desired outcomes within the DC Universe outside of Jason Todd. It was at this time I was reintroduced to some of my childhood stories. Their were a collection of Norse myths that seemed to keep popping up. I switched over to the Thor comics for awhile to see how Marvel was using Norse mythology. As DC really focused on many other mythologies and seemed to lack a Norse hero. The result really frustrated me and reminded me of what I dislike about the Marvel Universe : it is so science heavy. Every Thor comic I read connected Thor’s world to some science based origin that colors the Marvel Universe. It actually was the thing that lead me to want to post my bad Fan Fiction until I had the time to fix it. My favorite and at times least favorite part of the DC Universe is that you have a disconnected Multiverse that has science based areas and realms that do cater to mythology and magic extremely well. Why hadn’t DC taken advantage of that and include Norse mythology? It felt like a weird DC fear of Marvel’s recent success. It’s like they don’t want to touch the area, because it is claimed by Marvel. Yet, the entire history of comic books is the repetition of seemingly characterized roles. I had this awfully weird childlike desire to fix Jason Todd and include Norse mythology as the way to do it.

One of the reasons I prefer DC is the Green Lantern comics. As much as Hal Jordan makes me want to pull a character out of the comics to punch in the face the other Lanterns are amazing characters (even Alan Scott). The entire Green Lanterns Universe is so well done and exhibits a good ability to give DC some feelings of continuity. Which is not an easy thing to do. My favorite Lantern happens to be Kyle Rayner. Again he is one character that is not up there as one of the more popular lanterns. However, Kyle Rayner’s start with Ganthet and lead in to becoming a White Lantern is a very successful achievement for DC. It’s also always interesting to see the constructs that come from a more artistic mind. This got me thinking of the Bi-Frost. In Marvel, the Bi-Frost simply exists as the rainbow bridge guarded by Heimdall. However, the Green Lantern comics exhibit the colors of a rainbow and assign them an emotion. Further, there exists a constant struggle of trying to maintain the right balance of power within the DC Universe and the Guardians of Oa’s desires. With the conclusion of Darkest Night it really seemed like their exists a chance to expand the Lantern Universe even more. Why not use the fact that DC has a stronger foundation is mythology and magic then Marvel and create something new. There can be a different part of the emotional spectrum.

Jason Todd is a free floater in the DC Universe. He can be used to ground an expansion and achieve the character development he desperately needs. My characters are definitely not well written. I will be the first to admit they are heavily biased, but I posted them in hopes to show potential expansions within the DC Universe. The Outlaw comics and Jason Todd provide a really good canvas to balance contrasting themes: darkness vs light, humor vs sarcasm , tongue and cheek mentalities. DC ignores the fact Jason Todd is the perfect character to create oddly perfect parallels. Valkyrie is probably one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written (even when compared to my original work) even if she is a flawed one. I really believe a flawed character is something Jason Todd is missing. A character that struggles with mental instabilities can be a good dynamic with him. I would love the chance for a better writer to develop Valkyrie into a good character, but I would also love the chance to just see my ideas implemented with new characters.

If I ever get the chance to present to DC I would want them to take away this: (1) Give Jason Todd more attention, (2) consider implementing Norse mythology in this creative way I suggested, (3) listen to your comic book readers more that have an interest in writing and (4) redo the DC cinematic experience, but this time well. As a huge comic book nerd, I know I’m not the only one whose has a head full of ideas for DC. Yea, I’m biased and think my jaded personality is like a goldmine for DC Comics, but others are also certainly around that can impress you. I may not be it, but there is definitely someone that can be.

All you need to do is listen DC. You have the overlooked characters. You have Jason Todd. You even have a huge fan base that wants to contribute. Let them. Let us. The end result is probably going to be better then you expected.

” It’s about the next level. Smarter, faster, hotter, more in tune with the changing times and changing crimes. But mostly… I guess this is about my revenge of one crazy man in a mask… on another crazy man in a mask. Heh.  “


Jason Todd as Robin – Under the Red Hood


The Ultimate Frustration :

I sat in a cafe for an hour trying to explain to my friend he is fucked…

Me: You have to understand B the good guys don’t win.

*B looks at you slightly annoyed by the obvious answer.*

B: I know that.

*Me orders another cup of tea and sighs.*

Why …. FOR THE LOVE OF G-D can you not tell you are the good guy…..the way too good guy… the never going to get guy…. the guy who needs to just kiss the girl… or do anything… Please B… do anything…

I am tired of ordering so much tea.

I.L. Knight


Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid